Trenchless September 2020

“The benefit of Maxibor’s HDD knowledge, and just as importantly, the willingness to share that knowledge, is able to add value at the design, bid and delivery stages of client’s projects”- Maxibor CEO Rodney O’Meley.

This article highlights how the on-going success of Maxibor is underpinned by building Relationships, gaining Respect and providing Response. Others across the infrastructure sector are recognising that Maxibor’s cooperative approach is the right way for others to follow, especially in these challenging pandemic, economic, environmental and social times.

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Queensland Tenders and Contractors Review August 2020

Most major rail, road, water and sewer, gas, power, telecommunications, data centres, fuel, sea cable, rail and mining projects are involving HDD solutions in their projects.


Maxibor is showcased in this widely read Queensland based publication which highlights that Maxibor’s knowledge cooperative sharing approach is assisting its clients across these sectors better understand trenchless design and construct solutions for infrastructure projects. 


The article also highlights how Maxibor has been kept busy through these challenging times on projects across states and these sectors. 


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Pipeliner July 2020

Generally HDD can be considered obstacle avoidance technology solving challenges presented by areas such as hilly and undulating terrain, environmentally sensitive areas, mine and tailing dam dewatering, high bushfire prone areas and cultural heritage sites.

Maxibor is using its experienced HDD design engineering capabilities working cooperatively alongside asset owners, engineering design firms and T1 contractors to help provide intelligent and creative solutions to these and other complex pipeline project challenges.

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If you need help with any project where a trenchless solution may be an option please feel to contact our Maxibor HDD experts David Turner on 0499 375 511 or Guy Angus on 0488 375 552 or click here and we will be in touch. 

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Trenchless June 2020

Maxibor shares its knowledge and expertise on bore design and development of drilling methodology in the June 2020 issue of Trenchless Australasia. The article also provides thought leadership on rock testing methodologies and Rate of Penetration (ROP) as a measure to determine the value of variations. 


Maxibor frequently puts forward alternative design solutions to clients to help achieve better outcomes and has applied its integrated design and drilling methodology development process to more complex projects, demonstrating the benefits of the disciplined and cooperative approach.


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Trenchless June 2020

The article highlights the benefits that Logan City Council has seen in using HDD to complete its longest underground drilling program in the  Queensland city’s history. Contending with very difficult geological conditions, Maxibor was able to successfully complete Council’s longest ever single bore of 1.320km. The project also had a number of firsts in Australia including the use of the latest underground magnetic guidance systems to a depth of over 50m and the install on a wastewater project of High Stress Crack Resistant (HSCR) polyethylene pipe.


There also good engineering, local procurement and environmental outcomes with the design providing improved hydraulics through undulating ground, over 80 local people being employed on the project and minimal environmental impact by not disturbing waterways and reduced vegetation clearing through a koala sensitive habitat.


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Trenchless March 2020

The article “Maxibor guides HDD in the right direction” highlights how Maxibor is utilising the latest guidance technology to further de-risk its horizontal directional drilling projects across Australia.


The stronger frequency transmitters on the magnetic guidance systems are now capable of providing readings from depths of up to 100m, saving valuable time and significantly enhancing the accuracy of the bore alignment.


Maxibor’s design and construct of the recently completed 1.320km 500mm wastewater pipeline for Logan City Council utilised a Mag 8 guidance system for the bore which was over 50m at its deepest point.


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Trenchless December 2019

The article “Maxibor Putting Logan in Seventh Heaven” highlights Maxibor’s design and construct of a 1.320km 500mm pipeline using its Vermeer 330x500 maxi-rig.


The bore was part of a Logan City Council project connecting the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area with the Cedar Grove sewerage treatment plant. The 1.320km bore is the longest HDD bore completed in Council’s history.


The total project required 2.8km of HDD bores with six other bores ranging in length from  175m to 400m, with pipe sizes of between 450mm and 560mm. The smaller bores were completed using two Vermeer 100x120 rigs.


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Maxibor rescues joey during bushfires in Queensland

CEO Rodney O’Meley took the joey from its mother’s pouch and contacted Wildcare Australia, with the joey now safely in the hands of the rescue organisation.


At a recent award event Rodney was recognised by Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance for his caring actions along with Maxibor and other staff for outstanding performances around environment (saving water), community (engaging local businesses), leadership (difficult bores) and workplace mental health (being happy).


These socially responsible actions provide just some of the demonstrated evidence that Maxibor is delivering outcomes that help build a future we all look forward to.   


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Australian Mining Review September 2019

This article featured Maxibor’s HDD project at Yancoal’s Mount Thorley mine in the NSW Hunter Valley which required the under-road install of 4x180m electrical conduit PN12.5 HDPE. The bore diameter was expanded to 550mm using one of Maxibor’s Vermeer 100x120 horizontal directional drilling rigs.

Use of HDD on mine sites provides mine owners with solutions which are safer, are much less prone to damage by other site activity, and minimise impact on other infrastructure.

Maxibor is more than happy to discuss with those involved in the mining sector how HDD can provide a solution to their mine site infrastructure needs.


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Trenchless September 2019

Maxibor’s article “Delivering More with a Long Bore” highlights that asset owners are increasingly using long bore solutions for the installation of their infrastructure assets.

The article highlights several opportunities for the use of innovative and collaborative long bore solutions and the benefits asset owners can achieve.

Key decision makers, whether they be from infrastructure asset owners, government, business or the wider community, are encouraged to read this article click here to better understand how they can benefit from long bore HDD solutions.

The article was also published in the October 2019 issue of the Australian Pipeliner Magazine.

Maxibor is more than happy to assist any interested stakeholders on how working in collaborative manner we can achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders.

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Trenchless June 2019

Maxibor’s article of “Unlocking Trenchless Knowledge” reflects on how asset owners and principal contractors can achieve significant time and cost savings and better outcomes from projects by involving experienced and collaborative design and construct HDD providers such as Maxibor in the early planning and design stages of a project or program of works. Unlocking that knowledge early in the decision-making processes will help optimise outcomes for all stakeholders.

The article also stresses that trenchless providers need to better share knowledge across the trenchless industry and wider supply chain to be better positioned to achieve sustainable profitability and build the value of the business asset for shareholders.

Working together to unlock the knowledge in the trenchless technology industry is the best way to optimise outcomes for all stakeholders.

To see how Maxibor is sharing the knowledge click here for the full article.

Trenchless March 2019

Maxibor’s article on “The Future Direction of HDD” highlights that all businesses must manage change and those in the HDD game are no exception. As we move into the next decade, at Maxibor we see several challenges and opportunities which will require a rethink of strategies to optimise outcomes for HDD providers, customers and other stakeholders.

The process to address these challenges is to work in a collaborative manner with key stakeholders across the HDD delivery chain. Those HDD providers that have well developed Relationship, Respect and Response with stakeholders will be best positioned to successfully address these challenges and optimise outcomes from both opportunities and challenges.

To see what Challenges and Opportunities Maxibor sees ahead and how they are being managed click here for the full article.

Trenchless December 2018

Maxibor’s article “Navigating the Maze of an HDD Project” demonstrates how integrated strategic and project management practices at Maxibor are helping to optimise outcomes for all stakeholders on Maxibor’s HDD projects.

The article provides insights into how a proactive and collaborative approach around key strategic and operational activities will better help achieve operational broader corporate objectives for all stakeholders. Aligning project planning, project delivery, commercial and financial management, social outcomes and business development activities back to the corporate objectives of stakeholders will provide a much smoother path for the delivery of the project.

To see how Maxibor navigates the maze of an HDD project click here for the full article.

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Trenchless June 2018

Maxibor’s article on “HDD in the Spotlight” highlights the steps Maxibor has been taking to better promote the HDD industry. Exposure has been achieved in print, television, industry publications and digital news. Maxibor has also collaborated with other trenchless stakeholders to allow their projects to be part of presentations at forums and other media.

A notable uptake of the activities of Maxibor and the benefits of HDD was reflected in NBN Co’s widely publicised Warrell Creek crossing. This highlighted both the environmental and community benefits of the using HDD to provide infrastructure installation solutions.

To see how HDD has been in the spotlight click here for the full article. 

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Trenchless December 2017

Maxibor Australia is featured in the December 2017 issue of the Trenchless Australasia magazine. In an article titled “Leading the Way” it highlights the success of the collaborative approach which Maxibor is consistently adopting with principal contractors and asset owners alike to achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Maxibor is also increasingly focusing on broader outcomes as well as it becomes more involved in helping Indigenous Australians participate in the civil construction and renewables sectors.

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The current and previous issues of the magazine can be found here.

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