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Logan River


Project Overview: Design and install of two dual river crossing bores of 500mm SDR6 PN32 PE100 pipe


Location: Logan River and Undullah Creek South East Queensland

Ground Conditions: OTR, cobble and rock


Asset Owner: Seqwater


Length: 4 bores total length 1,495m,  average length 374m. Bore hole diameters of 650mm

Logan River


Project Overview: Design and install of three river crossing bores of 125mm, 630mm and 800mm


Location: Logan River Eagleby South East Queensland

Ground Conditions: Rock and clay


Asset Owner: Logan Water


Length: 3 bores each 370m, 800mm pipe required 1.050mm diameter bore hole

M1 Motorway


Project Overview: Design and install of multiple bores for PN20 PE100 pipe with diameters of 280mm, 630mm and 710mm


Location: Pacific Motorway M1 – Burleigh to Palm Beach


Ground Conditions: OTR and rock up to 60MPa


Asset Owner: Gold Coast City Council


Length: 546m total length, average length 136m

Chris Green Park


Location: Beenleigh Queensland

Ground Conditions: OTR and sandstone

Asset Owner: Logan City Council

Length: 100m  Pipe: 710mm

Lamb Island


Project Overview:  Emergency install of water pipeline between Lamb and Macleay Islands

Location: Moreton Bay Queensland

Ground Conditions: OTR and basalt

Asset Owner: Seqwater

Length: 400m  Pipe:  550mm



Project Overview: Waste Water Qld Connecting the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area with the Cedar Grove sewerage treatment plant. Longest bore of 1.320km installing 500mm of PE100 HSCR PN20 to a depth of over 50 metres. Another six bores ranging in length of between 190m and 400m and pipe sizes of between 450mm to 560mm.​

Logan City Council.png

Location: Flagstone Queensland

Ground Conditions: Hard rock, sandstone, clay and cobblestone


Asset Owner: Logan City Council


Length: +2.5km Pipe: , 450mm, 500mm and 560mm

​Location: Yeppoon Queensland

Ground Conditions: Hard rock and sandy clay


Asset Owner: Livingstone Shire Council


Length: 360 metres  Pipe: 450mm  

Causeway Lake


Project Overview: Water Qld twin 360m bores of 315mm and 450mm Iplex pipe with new Qenos resin installed to 15m depth under the causeway through 260m of hard rock and 100m sandy clay. Project was finalist in 2019 ASTT New HDD Installation of the Year.

Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline

Project Overview: Water construction of directional bores under the Darling River and Tuckers Creek

Location: Wentworth NSW

Ground Conditions: Rock and cobblestone

Asset Owner: NSW Government

Length: 522 metres  Pipe: 630mm PN16 HDPE

Swansea Channel

Project Overview: Water 335m of 800mm diameter pipe crossing Swansea channel for Hunter Water. Installed in water charged sand to a depth of 30m.

Location: Swansea NSW

Ground Conditions: Water charged sands


Asset Owner: Hunter Water

Length: 335 metres  Pipe: 800mm

Salt Ash

Project Overview:  Potable Water 2.7km of various size water main installed in sand.

Location: Salt Ash NSW

Ground Conditions: Water charged sands

Asset Owner: HunterWater

Length: 2.7km  Pipe: 250mm


Project Overview: Sewer Rising Main Nelson Bay NSW 2.5km of 160mm & 140mm HDPE PN16 installed in water charged sand.

Location: Nelson Bay NSW

Ground Conditions: Water charged sands

Asset Owner: Hunter Water

Length: 2.5 km  Pipe: 250mm

Nelson Bay Sewer Rising Main
nelson bay.jpg
Tiger Brennan Drive

Project Overview:  Water Tiger Brennan Drive Darwin NT 110m of 450mm steel casing for water main through hard rock successfully contending with wet season.

Location: Darwin NT

Ground Conditions: Hard rock

Asset Owner: NT Government

Length: 0.1 km  Pipe: 450mm steel


More Info?

If you would like further information on any of our projects please feel to contact our Maxibor HDD expert David Turner on 0499 375 511 or click here and we will be in touch. 

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